• What is a Live Sale?

    It is a live viewing of a sale where you can interact in the comments and purchase items on the spot. I will advertise beforehand which day and what time the live will take place, and you can join if you want to hang out or shop great vintage. There is no pressure to shop and I will enjoy your company either way!

  • How do you Purchase?

    During the live, I will show an item followed by a description of the details, measurements of all critical areas, an estimated decade of age, and a price. Each item gets a dedicated number to which you can use to claim the item. Some items will be auction style where it allows the shoppers to bid on the item to give multiple people a fair chance of winning that piece.

  • Rules

    If you claim an item, but then need to pass, you can do so in the live. Bids are binding, meaning that once you bid on item, you cannot pass and that item is dedicated to you as a buyer. Invoices will be sent directly following the live to an email address provided, and I will get the items out within 3 days unless otherwise discussed.